West Coast Real Estate Jobs


Per Capita Income:

The West Coast is defined here as an area consisting of three states along the Pacific Coast of the United States: California (CA), Oregon (OR) and Washington (WA). The West Coast area borders states of Idaho, Nevada and Arizona to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, Canada to the north, and Mexico to the south. With the exception of southern and central California, the West Coast states are characterized by a small number of large metropolitan areas, such as Sacramento, Portland and Seattle, surrounded by huge swaths of rural and natural areas, such as national parks, forests and mountains.

Top Cities by Population

  • 1. Los Angeles, CA
  • 2. San Diego, CA
  • 3. San Jose, CA
  • 4. San Francisco, CA
  • 5. Seattle, WA
  • 6. Portland, OR

Job Title / Description Company Location Posted
Toll Brothers CA-San Francisco 2/22/18
Toll Brothers CA-San Francisco 2/22/18
Toll Brothers WA-Seattle 2/22/18
Madison Marquette CA-San Leandro 2/22/18
HamiltonZanze CA-San Francisco 2/22/18
The Barlow CA-Sebastopol 2/21/18
Century Housing CA-Culver City 2/21/18
Community Development Partners CA-Newport Beach 2/21/18
HAL Real Estate Inc WA-Seattle 2/21/18
Prime Finance Advisor, LP CA-San Francisco 2/21/18